If you are an Agency, a Video production and/or Streaming company, please contact Frank Carmona: [email protected] . We have pay-per use specific plans for you.

Pay as you go





50 €

Per Month

490 €

Per Month

790 €

Per Month

starting at:
1.190 €

Per Month

Included WorkSpaces 1 1 2 4
Additional WorkSpaces 50€/month 50€/month
Included Channels 1/workspace 1/workspace 1/workspace 1/workspace
Additional Channels 40€/month 20€/month 20€/month
Included Live Producer Hours 0 10 30 90
Extra Live Producer Hours (Hours x Channel) 100€/hour 50€/Hour/Channel 30€/Hour/Channel 20€/Hour/Channel
Included Live Producer Hours for testing purposes (up to 3 simultaneous viewers on-line) 5 10 30 90
Extra Live Producer Hours for testing purposes 10€/hour 10€/hour 10€/hour 10€/hour
Included Viewer-Bandwith 0 GB 200 GB 500 GB 1000 GB
Extra Viewer-Bandwith 1,4€/GB 0,7€/GB 0,5€/GB 0,3€/GB
Included Storage 0 GB 20 GB 40 GB 80 GB
Extra Storage 0,8€/GB 0,6€/GB 0,5€/GB 0,4€/GB
Rich-Media player with video, slides, polls, call to action buttons, questions and much more
Full Featured multi-days multi parts events  
Full Featured Control-Room app to produce your live event  
Multi-Layered Players        
High end Post-Production Tools        
Custom Rich-Media Players    
Integration with leading CRM and marketing automation tools via API and webhooks  
Secure Single-Sign-On (SSO) integration    
Proxy Servers Integration for Internal Comunication Deployments        
Designated Customer Support Team      
Live Event Pre-Scheduled Support Time     (60€/hour) 2 hours per month
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Price calculator

This price calculator helps you choosing the right plan for your needs for a given month.

Enter your needs on each cell (with a light blue background) and choose the plan that gives you a better pricing. If you want help to convert your estimated viewer-hours to viewer-bandwith in GB you’ll find another calculator below

Check  also the Faq’s below to fully understand how pricing works

If you need to calculate how many GB you will need you can use the following Time-to-GB Calculator


Do you have a trial period?

Kind of: you can subscribe to the Pay-As-You-Go Plan and try the platform for 50€. Included in this fee, we offer a  “Kick-start” personal session, that will help you test the platform and understand how it works much faster than running it yourself. We will use skype and a scren-sharing tool for this session.


How do I know what Plan is best for me?

Use the above Price Calculator using your aggregated estimations for the next month and choose the Plan that offers you the best price.


Can I change my Account’s Plan every time I need it?

Yes, with some limitations, As we will invoice you per natural month periods, you must decide what Plan do you need before day 1 of a new month. If you do not specify any change your previous month Plan will be extended to the following month


How will you bill me?

We will send you one invoice right after you subscribe for the first time for your Plan’s Fixed Fee, For example 50€ if you choose the PAYG Plan.  Assuming you do not make any Plan change , next month’s invoice will include again the Plan’s fixed Fee plus the charges for the extra consumptions of the previous period. Storage is messured at the end of the billing period. You can make a plan change or total cancelation of your account at any time before day one of next month.

I’am an Agency. Do you have specific solutions for me?

If you are an Agency or Solution provider, you can choose either a Professional account or a Pay-Per-Use specific plan for Agencies that we can enable under request. Please contact frank Carmona [email protected]  to request this specific plan benefits and conditions for your company.

What is a Workspace?

If you are an Agency or Solution provider, you must create a workspace for each different customer. Anything within a workspace is private related to any other workspace. This way  you can add Admin Users or set up API calls or Webhooks and ensure complete privacy for your customers.


What is a Channel?

You need a Channel for any single live Stream. If you plan to broadcast more than one event simultaneously you need more channels. Also, webcaStudio is capable of broadcasting an event simultaneously translated to several languages. To do this, you will need one Channel for every two languages. For example, for an event in English, French and Spanish you will need two Channels (one for English and French and the other one for Spanish)


What do you mean by Production Time?

webcaStudio includes a ControlRoom application to control all features of a live event. You can use the ControlRoom for testing purposes, without extra cost, as much as you need. In Testing Mode you can only have a maximum audience of two simultaneous end-users. When you uncheck the Testing Mode, the Production Time starts counting. When your live event is over you will close the ControlRoom application. At this point the Production Time stops counting. For On-demand only content Production time does not apply.

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