All of the following platform features are available in all price plans. To ease your understanding, we organize them according to sections. Feel free to skip to the section that best suits your needs.



Organise and  seamlessly run a large complex conference. Platform administrators can easily handle anything thrown at them for an event running through various days, featuring multiple sessions even in multiple languages.

Easily define an agenda page for your event. From the agenda page your end users will see when a session is programmed to be live and when it actually is. The same page will also allow access to any on-demand session. Additionally, users will be able to switch the language.

Full Automation.  AutoPresentation feature, a simple PowerPoint Add-on, will connect any of the presenters powerpoints to WebcaStudio’s Control-Room to automatically synchronize the video with their slides presentation.

Great Post-Production tools. A full set of on-demand production tools will allow you to easily and effectively make arrangements to your contents prior to publishing the on-demand versions. Perhaps you want to easily re-purpose all or part of the contents for a different e-learning course, this is also possible with WebcaStudio.

Offer your on-line audience the same interaction possibilities as if they were present!  Many times your conferences will be mixed events, having on-site attendees as well as an on-line audience. On-line conference viewers can participate by sending questions, answering polls, and even taking surveys.

Integration capabilities. If you want your audience to be surveyed, WebcaStudio’s call-to-action features will allow you to set up a survey through an application of your choice.

Secure and integrated access to your conferences. The Single-Sign-On (SSO) feature allows users who are already logged in to your platform to access the WebcaStudio event quickly and securely without the need of signing in again.

Create your own conference platform.  Event agencies can offer and develop full integration of webcaStudio with any web services application such as registration apps, e-mail apps, survey apps, landing pages, crm, virtual-events platforms, and even LinkedIn, to allow for networking within your conference.


Keep your students engaged with the best combination of blackboard capture, speaker’s video, teacher’s slides, and chat amongst students, to offer the best learning experience to your on-line students.

Many, many platform integration opportunities. Use webcaStudio’s API to connect with evaluation systems or to integrate webcaStudio within private or public e-learning platforms.

For best interaction, on-line training attendees can participate sending in questions and the instructor can also evaluate the attention and comprehension of his audience by posting informal evaluation questions to be answered by the students.

Invite thought leaders to participate in live events, congresses or training courses. WebcaStudio allows to easily repurpose full or part of a given live session and seamlessly integrate it with the app of your choice, a Moodle platform for instance,

Our aim is to offer high quality children’s-medicine education. WebcaStudio has coped with all our needs so far. We broadcast pay-per-view regular training courses and multilingual conferences that we host a few times a year. WebcaStudio has even allowed us to easily repurpose previously produced live training courses to create specific e-learning contents within our moodle based campus.
Jaume Pérez Pallarols
Innovation and Research Director Hospital Sant Joan de Deu, Barcelona

We are very much committed to in-person classes in our part-time Masters. But as we've been growing rapidly, more people living far away from our premises were becoming interested in our education. So when we studied how to match in-person with  on-line lessons we knew we needed a very specific service platform. We evaluated different solutions but the only one that covered all the features we needed to deliver the same great experiences of our in-person classes to our on-line pupils, was cost effective and could easily integrate a Single-Sign-On was webcaStudio.
Alejandro Doncel
CEO Co-Founder KSchool,  Madrid, Spain

Internal Communication

Guarantee a secure access to confidential information. Integrating webcaStudio’s secure SSO within your environment ensures no unauthorized person can have access to classified information or knowledge.

Easily leverage internal video cache infrastructure to guarantee your LAN /WAN  and centralized Internet access is not challenged at any time. WebcaStudio allows you to set-up internal proxies for an internal CDN-like infrastructure that enables your network to seamlessly distribute thousands of live streams.


Lots of features, easy to learn and use. As an agency, you may have customers for whom you have  to manage remote press-conferences, financial results presentations, shareholder meetings, investor-days or other kinds of one-to-many  communication. WebcaStudio offers a full set of features for these situations as well. High quality video, as well as many communication tools, access systems and integration possibilities make webcaStudio the best webcast platform for your customers.